Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Piedmont Scouting special?

We are an inclusive, diverse and welcoming part of the Piedmont community, open to all that support the values of preparing young people for life. Membership is open to Piedmont and surrounding area youth. There is just about something for every active youth in the Piedmont BSA organization, from Cubs to Scouts to Oakland Strokes to Fencing. Piedmont BSA provides youth the fundamentals of character, citizenship, leadership, personal fitness that lead them to make ethical choices and helps prepare them for life.

Why should I consider Piedmont Scouting for my youth?

We are an active, fun, and stimulating youth-centered group to belong to for youth and the parents that care for them. Piedmont BSA is the best partner for youth activities in the community. Through stimulating, rewarding and fun youth programs and outdoor adventures, we teach life skills and values to Piedmont youth of all ages (boys and girls) helping them build a foundation to be great men and women.

Who can join Scouting?

  • Cub Scouts is offered to boys in the first through 5th grade
  • Boy Scouts is open to boys in 6th through 12th grade (age 11 to 18)
  • Venturing and Exploring is offered to boys and girls in 9th grade and up (age 14 to 20)

How does the Piedmont Council compare to other councils in the area?

Piedmont BSA is one of the smallest councils in the US and has proportionately more youth engaged its programs than most other Boy Scout councils in the US, with more than 50% of the available youth enrolled in Scouting programs. Piedmont BSA has a rich tradition of supporting youth achievement from Piedmont and the surrounding communities in an inclusive and diverse environment. Eagle Scout attainment in Piedmont is double the national average with 1,065 boys earning their Eagle Scout rank since 1921.

Does Piedmont Scouting have programs options for my older son or daughter other than the Boy Scouts?

Yes. Piedmont BSA has diverse venturing programs for older girls and boys age 14 through 20. Venturing offers motivated girls & boys the opportunity for participation in unique activities in a fun & collaborative group setting with the goal to cultivate leadership skills and self-confidence. Venturers are presented with opportunities for personal achievement and recognition of their accomplishments via the Venturing Awards and Crew leadership positions. Examples of coed Venturing and Explorer programs include: community service, high adventure, Oakland Strokes, Fencing, bagpipe band, Sea Scouts, and the Police Explorers.

Does Piedmont Scouting offer something for my daughter?

Yes. About 1/3 of the members of Venturing and Explorer scouts in Piedmont BSA are female. (See Programs for older girls and boys above).

How does Piedmont Scouting contribute to the Piedmont greater community?

While you may know us as Piedmont-focused, we are very active in our surrounding community making a difference. All scouting units dedicate a portion of their annual program to public service and giving back. The Community Service Crew dedicates itself to year-round activities and projects that are funded, planned and lead by the Crew members making an impact on hunger, poverty, housing, the environment, and education to name a few.

What opportunities does Piedmont BSA have for potential volunteers?

We are a volunteer-run organization with a small professional staff and welcome volunteer contributions in every area of the program. There are numerous opportunities to make contributions to youth activities at many levels of the program. Please check with a Scout leader or the Scout office. All volunteers are required to take Youth Protection Training and undergo a criminal background check.

What is Two-Deep Leadership? How does Piedmont BSA protect our youth?

Scouting’s two-deep leadership policy requires at least two adults to be present for all Scouting activities. No youth should ever be alone with a Scout leader for any reason. In fact, all Scouting activities are open to parents, and we encourage families to enjoy Scouting together. The BSA requires background checks, local screening of volunteers, comprehensive training programs, and mandatory reporting of suspected abuse. Every Boy Scout and Cub Scout handbook includes a pamphlet to help parents teach their children how to recognize, resist, and report abuse.

What is Friends of Scouting (FOS)? Where does my FOS gift money go?

The Friends of Scouting is an annual giving campaign that provides major ongoing support to the Piedmont Council. These gifts keep the lights on and pay staff to support the great programs we deliver to the youth of our community through an incredible network of some 300 volunteers. FOS gifts are raised locally and used 100% locally by the Piedmont Council to support critical Piedmont Scouting activities. Learn more about Friends of Scouting.