Volunteer Opportunities with our Boy Scouts

Scoutmaster (Four hours per week, plus weekend campouts, volunteer opportunities, advancement, (summer camp and 50 miler can be delegated))

Works directly with youth. Attends most Scout meetings and activities. Directly responsible for developing youth leadership. Works with Senior Patrol Leader and other youth leadership.

Assistant Scoutmasters (One to three hours per week plus weekend campouts, volunteer opportunities and summer activities.)

Works with Scoutmaster and youth leadership to plan, organize, and carryout program activities. Assist Scoutmasters frequently serve as Eagle Advisors.

Troop Committee Chair (Two hours per week.)

Troop’s Business Manager. Helps fill Committee positions. Works with Scoutmaster & Troop committee to insure that all activities run smoothly.

Treasurer (Twelve hours per year.)

Responsible for Troop funds. Pays monthly council bills for advancement & registration. Deposits funds from registration and Troop activities such as hikes & fundraisers. Bills Scouts for dues.

Advancement Chair (Ten to twenty hours per year, plus two hours per Eagle advancement.)

Responsible for keeping unit advancement records. Submits all advancement data to council. Prepares advancement for Courts of Honor. Includes preparation with Eagle advancement.

Secretary (Two hours per committee meeting.)

Takes minutes of committee meetings and (e)mails them to members.

Charter Org. Rep (One hour per committee meeting.)

Liaison between the chartering organization and the Troop. Attends Troop committee meetings.

Charter Renewal Chair (Six hours per year.)

Every fall, the chair works with the Committee Chair, the Commissioner, the Scoutmaster, and Troop treasurer to verify membership of the unit and submit the completed information to the council in a timely manner. Requires attendance at one council meeting.

Recruiting Chairman (Eight hours per year.)

Works with Senior Patrol Leader each spring to recruit 5th grade boys to join Troop. Communicates with Webelos leaders in Council & sets up dates for their dens to attend a Troop meeting or event. Works individually with families of boys considering joining the Troop to answer questions and encourage membership.

Training Coordinator (Six hours per year.)

Dispenses information from Council and Commissioner on adult & youth training opportunities within and outside the Council. Encourages individuals to attend training.

Scouting for Food Chair (Four hours per year.)

Council event in November. Chair attends one Council meeting. Works with Senior Patrol Leader to staff Scouts for one-day neighborhood food pick-up in assigned area. Works with adults to ensure enough drivers for pick-up.

Friends of Scouting (Six hours per year.)

Council event in fall. Attends one council meeting. Organizes other parents for phone-a-thon follow-up on annual council fundraiser.

Popcorn Chair (Four hours per year.)

Fall fundraiser for Council and Troop. Chair attends one Council meeting. Works with Senior Patrol Leader to create interest & dispense information, supplies & popcorn product to Troop. Collects orders & money from scouts. Places order with Council; works with Treasurer to assure all monies collected.

Tree Lot Chair (Four to six hours per year.)

Coordinates Troop participation in the Council fund raising event in November/December. Attends one Council meeting. Coordinates with Senior Patrol Leader, required staffing of adults and youth for shifts at Council tree lot.

Council Recognition Dinner Chair (Four hours per year.)

Council event to recognize outstanding adult volunteers throughout the council over the preceding year. Chair attends one council meeting. Addresses invitations to adult members & parents of scouts. Follows up on unit attendance. Helps set up on day of event.

Outings Coordinator (Four hours per year.)

Obtains the years camping dates from the Scoutmaster and obtains reservations & permits with campgrounds. Files trip permits with Council for each event that the Troop will be away from regular meeting location.

Transportation Coordinator (Six to eight hours per year.)

Obtains sign-ups in September for all Troop events (campouts and Fun Nights) requiring drivers. Reminds drivers of their obligation before each event. Works with Senior Patrol Leader to obtain count of boys needing drivers. Obtains additional drivers when needed.

Equipment Chair (Twenty hours per year.)

Responsible for purchase, care, and maintenance of Troop equipment. Coordinates annual cleanup & inventory. Works with Troop Quartermaster.

Camporee Chair (Four hours per year.)

Council event in which all Troops are invited to compete against one another in scouting skills. Chair works directly with council and Troop to assure attendance in Camporee.

Summer Camp Chair (Fifteen hours per year.)

Makes reservations with another Council for one week at their camp (to be determined). Communicates with the other Council the roster of boys and adults attending and makes payment. Communicates information to boys in the Troop and sends information packets.