Cub & Tiger Scout Ranks, Activities & Awards

As with the Boy Scout program, Cub Scouts progress over the years through the ranks of Tiger, Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, and Webelo. Structured requirements combine with lots of options at each juncture. Many Cub Scout dens chose their activities based on the boys’ interests and parents’ areas of expertise. For instance, a den with a parent-engineer might learn about and try bridge construction, while a parent who enjoys birding might lead an early morning hike to show boys how field guides help us identify animals (the field guide to animal scat is particularly thrilling!).

Scouts can choose from more than 100 elective projects that show new hobbies and teach skills that will be useful during the Boy Scout years. For instance, while all boys learn the Scout Oath and Promise as part of their Bobcat achievement, they earn twelve of the many achievements to qualify for the Wolf badge in second grade, and any twelve additional achievements to earn the Bear badge in third grade. Those with extra time and energy can go on to earn sports and academic awards (for instance, most boys playing a recreational sport can earn a belt loop with a bit of additional work), arrow points, and special achievements, such as the World Conservation Award, Trail Trekkers hike series in the Bay Area, and Emergency Preparedness Pin.

Go to or call the Piedmont Scout Service Center for more information and achievement manuals.