Volunteer Opportunities with our Cub & Tiger Scouts

At the Pack level, typical jobs (with time commitments) include:

Committee Chair (5 hours a month)

Ultimately responsible for the Pack and its operations; recruits and supports the Pack’s adult volunteers

Cubmaster (4 hours a month)

Organizes and MCs the monthly Pack meetings

Assistant Cubmaster (2 hours a month)

Assists/stands-in for the cubmaster, sometimes moves into his/her slot in 1-2 years

Treasurer (10 hours at volunteer’s discretion)

Processes reimbursement requests and collects annual Scout fees through den leaders.

Advancement Coordinator (1 hour per month)

Emails to solicit info on Scout achievements, then works with the Council office to get the awards for distribution at Pack meetings.

Song Leader (1 hour a month)

Plans songs and performs at each Pack meeting.

Secretary (4 hours)

Secures meeting and event space for the summer.

PR (30 seconds each month)

Sends key notices/announcements to the school newsletter coordinator. This position is a great way to tell non-Scouts about all the great things Scouts do.

Scouting for Food Chair (6 hours during one week in the fall)

Assigns streets to dens for collection bag drop offs.

Outings Chair (2 hours a month)

Coordinates a series of weekend hikes and/or overnight camping trips for the Pack.

Pinewood Derby Chair (2 hours two months)

Recruits volunteers for the practice session and real thing; arranges for the distribution of car “blanks.”

Christmas Tree Lot Coordinator (8 hours during the holiday season)

Assigns and coordinates time slots to dens.

Friends of Scouting Chair (5-10 hours in the Fall)

Coordinates solicitations for the Friends of Scouting campaign.

Popcorn Chair (12 hours for one month)

  • Distributes popcorn sales order forms, collects them and rolls them up to the Council for consolidated ordering;
  • Recruits volunteers to transport cases from the Oakland warehouse to Piedmont and to allocate the cases appropriately to each Den (the Popcorn Coordinator of which allocates to the Cubs, who then deliver to the customer);
  • Distributes prizes.

Recruitment Chair (4 hours in May/June)

Contacts 1st grade parents and runs child and parent meetings (with support).

Blue and Gold Dinner Chair (5-8 hours)

Organizes this pack-wide family potluck often the setting for the Friends of Scouts solicitation.

Annual Recognition Dinner Chair (2-10 hours in April-May)

Solicits input on Pack recognition at this Council-wide event and helps to make the event a success.