Pinewood Derby Race Day (PCC Gymnasium)Cub/Tiger Scout Event

Cub Scouts obtain your cars from your Scout Leader.

Do you have a friend who wants to race but is not a Cub Scout? Have them come and register for the race at the Piedmont Council Office. Then both you and your friend will get a FREE ICEE COUPON for Mulberry's Market. Registration is $10 for Non-Cub Scouts.

Adult Volunteers: please sign-up to help run the races!!! Positions needed include; Registration, Race Judges, MC, Pit Crew. Click the sign up link below.

» Click here for Pinewood Derby Guidelines! (PDF )

» Click here to sign up for a volunteer slot.


»February 6, 2016


Gymnasium of Piedmont Community Church

How to Register

Are you already a Cub Scout? Contact your Pack's Pinewood Derby coordinator for your car.

IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY A CUB SCOUT. Come by the Piedmont Council Service Center @ 10 Highland Way (Piedmont Community Church) to pick up your car. The event is $10.00 for anyone who is not registered as a Cub Scout.

Additional Information

Need some additional items for Pinewood Derby and the Piedmont Council Office does not have what you need? Head over to Michael's Arts and Crafts! They may have exactly what you are looking for.


Derby Chairman: Rob Kobal
Pack 3 Havens: Thomas Blanford
Pack 4 Beach: Kurt Gish
Pack 5 Wildwood: Rob Kobal
Pack 6 Corpus Christi: Bryan Gros
Council Office District Executive Jeff Lindenmuth