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Spring 2008 Newsletter

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New Council Newsletter Welcome to the first edition of our on-line newsletter! In an effort to save paper and be more timely in our communications we will be sending newsletters in an electronic format going forward. Since our email lists are not complete, we encourage you to send this on to others who may be interested in receiving council news. We plan to continue sending one printed newsletter annually to every home in Piedmont – this newsletter will be mailed in the fall. In the meantime, if you have suggestions for improvements on our new format or news you want to hear, we’d love to hear about them—please contact us at info@piedmontbsa.org. Enjoy!
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150 people attended the Awards Dinner to honor our adult volunteers .

Council Honors Adult Volunteers at Awards Dinner, April 24, 2008

Some people are surprised to learn that the Piedmont Council serves more than a thousand youth each year. They are even more surprised to learn that we have 220 dedicated adult volunteers who deliver our great programs and these are just the individuals who are registered. Many more help in a myriad of ways. It is the adult volunteers, who almost unnoticed, deliver great Scouting programs to our youth. They do everything from driving kids on outings to teaching merit badges to leading hikes or serving as adult leaders. Once a year we come together to honor and thank all our volunteers and give special recognition to a few.

Here is a list of our very special honorees—please thank them when you see them!

Unit Volunteers: Each unit selects a “special” volunteer who has made extra effort on behalf of their Pack, Troop or Crew in the prior year—

Cub Scout Awards
Council Commissioner, Randy Litteneker, presents the Distinguished Scouter Awards for Cub Scouts to Reuben Rivera of Pack 4, Kelliane Lam of Pack 3 and Terri Burge of Pack 5.

Pack 3:  Kelliane Lam- “is one of our most enthusiastic den leaders and also has been instrumental to Pack 3’s recruitment efforts.  Thanks, Kelliane!” (Terri Ashton)

Pack 4:  Reuben Rivera- “leads two Pack 4 Dens and is an enthusiastic Scout leader who is always willing to help.” (Erik Dryburgh, Cubmaster)

Pack 5Terri Burge- “As a Den Leader for the last three years Terri has gracefully led the boys through their achievement awards, supported our recruitment program and tirelessly taken on many of the thankless tasks needed to operate a successful Pack.  Thank you, Terri.”  (Scott Willis, Cubmaster)

Pack 6:  Brad Shaw- “is an outstanding member of our Scouting community in Pack 6, having served as Co-Den Leader for the past five years and taking part in all levels of activities.  This year, he bridged with his son Andrew into Troop 6, where his experience as an Eagle Scout and his high level of enthusiasm for the program will be of great benefit to our Scouts.  Congratulations Brad!” (Paul Orgeron, Cubmaster)

Boy Scout Awards
VP of Scouting, Vince Faughnan, present the Distinguished Scouter Award for Boy Scouts to Mary Carter of Troop 11, Kathy Parker of Troop 4 and Ken Taylor of Troop 15.

Troop 1:  Judy Levitan- “is being recognized by Troop 1 for her outstanding work as Advancement Chair:  she is responsible for maintaining all records for Scout advancement, overseeing Scout advancement at the Boards of Review and assisting the annual Troop rechartering process. “  (Mike Bandrowski)

Troop 4:  Kathy Parker- “is always the one who takes care of our organizational needs with such professionalism and with such a cheerful manner, I dread the time when she is no longer with the Troop.  She’s one of those people who seems to be irreplaceable.”  (Larry Kelley, Scoutmaster)

Troop 6:  Michael Conn- “reenergized Troop 6 two years ago when he volunteered to be Scoutmaster.  With two sons in the unit, he quickly immersed himself into Scouting and showed that great leaders don't always get their start having been a Scout themselves, but by demonstrating the Scouting ideal of "Be of Service." (Brian Renner)

Troop 11:  Mary Carter-has organized and led all of our adult meetings, recruited all of the adult committee and attends most Troop outings and camp outs.  She is truly an exemplary adult volunteer for Troop 11.”  (Janet Labberton)

Troop 15:  Ken Taylor-  “a Troop Assistant Scoutmaster and Quartermaster Adviser, has a keen interest in getting kids to discover how to lead and do things for themselves while staying subtly in the background.  We are happy to recognize his committed work in these areas.” (Lonnie Simonson)

Venturing Awards
Venturing Awards presented to Sunny Holman (accepting the award for Andrew Williamson), Justin Morgan and Phil Caruthers (accepting award for Mary Williams).

Post 911:  Justin Morgan- “has shown tireless dedication and commitment to the Piedmont Police Explorers.  He commits to more meetings, trainings and competitions with the Explorers than any other officer in the program and constantly seeks ways to improve it, moving it forward and pushing the students to be the absolute best they can be.” (Catherine Carr)

Ship 16:  Andrew Williamson (Lt. Cdr USCG) - “has worked with Piedmont's Sea Scout unit "Ship 16" for several years and as Skipper for the past year and a half. He has reinvigorated the program, which had been inactive, through organizing regular meetings, arranging visits to US Coast Guard vessels and devoting tremendous effort toward refurbishing a donated Morgan 33' Sloop, the main training platform for Ship 16.”  (Kerry Hazelett)

Oakland StrokesMary Williams- “is completing two years as Co-President of the Oakland Strokes and has shown unusual aptitude and dedication in helping to lead and manage the organization.”  (Frost Prioleau and Dan Herbert)

Program Events:

Cubs, Scouts and Venturers participate in unit activities every week but a number of events are run by volunteers for the benefit of kids in all units. Council Commissioner Randy Litteneker took time to acknowledge all the adults who participate in these activities and especially the following individuals who took leadership roles:

Ramon Rodriguez—Day Camp
Bill Bocheff and Arnie Abrams—Pinewood Derby
Tom Kinkaid—Bike Rodeo
Eric Mowat—July 4, Kazoo Band
Mark Dukas—Camporee
Rueben Rivera—Twilight Camp
Kevin Fischer—Order of the Arrow
Gary Hartsock—Engraving (lots of it!)
Al Sciamanna—Dedicated Council Volunteer


Membership fees paid by individuals go to the National Council so funds must be raised locally to support the Council Service Center (staff and administrative costs). The council provides training, technical support, answers questions, finds and provides resources to units, leaders, volunteers and youth. The cost of maintaining the Council Service Center in 2007 was $350,000. Money to operate the Council came from three major sources: Friends of Scouting—the annual campaign to which families and the community are asked to make a voluntary contribution; the tree lot which generates about $60,000 net income each year and the Endowment Fund whose income provided about 36% of the council’s operating budget in 2007. In addition, T-shirts at the July 4th Parade have net an average of $3000 in the several years that we have sold them. Here are some of the volunteers who have helped raised money to keep the council solvent and strong!

Friends of Scouting
Paul Raskin—Council Chairman
Tami Collins—Pack 3
Erik Dryburgh—Pack 4
Scott Willis—Pack 5
Paul Orgeron—Pack 6
John Campbell—Troop1
Frank Arthur—Troop 4
Brigid Roy—Troop 6
Evan Solley—Troop 11
Tarang Amin—Troop 15

Tree Lot Committee and Long Time Volunteers: Chris Lee, Ken Li, May Thomas, Grier Graff, Kevin Fischer and Al Sciamanna
General Managers: Brian Kelleher, Al Youn, Art Edmonds, Dale Radcliff and Greg Andreas

Endowment Fund
Brian Kelleher, Chairman and Committee Members: Dale Radcliff, Bob Coleman, Wes Smith, Carl Anderson, Dewey Watson and Founding Chairman, Jim Hoelter

T-Shirt SalesKen Li

Winthrop Rockefeller Award J. Robert Coleman, Jr.

Rockefeller Award
Jan Perkins, President of Area 3, presented the Winthrop Rockefeller Award to J. Robert Coleman, Jr.

This award is made to a Scouting Volunteer who has provided visionary leadership through service and giving in leading their council on the path of financial sustainability. The honoree is a volunteer who has made a significant impact on the operating, capital and endowment needs of their local council. It is an individual who not only supports the council financially but also asks others to follow his or her example. As Endowment Chairman for several years, Bob Coleman was the leading force in raising it to its current level of more the $4 million. This feat has made a major impact on the Council’s ability to sustain itself well into the future!

William R. Peterson Award for Leadership by YouthJacob Andreas

Jacob Andreas receives Bill Peterson award from Al Youn.
Jacob Andreas receives the William R. Peterson award presented by Al Youn, Council Board member.

This award was established in 1999 to honor William R. Peterson, a lifelong Scouter, who passed away the prior year. Its purpose is to recognize a Piedmont Council youth, who through his or her leadership demonstrates the benefits of being a youth run organization. Jacob Andreas has served in numerous leadership positions in his Troop and as a member of Order of the Arrow. He has garnered many Scholastic honors and was recently selected by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to be one of 25 members of the first All-State Academic Team.

Harry M. Thomas Scout to Scouter AwardErik Dryburgh

Scout to Scouter
Erik Dryburgh receieves the Scout to Scouter award presented by Rich Harms, last year's recipient.

Harry Thomas was one of the first Piedmont Scouts in 1910 and served continuously until his death in 1964. In 1950 he established an annual award to be presented each year in recognition of services to Scouting and as a stimulant to other young men who had completed their Boy Scouting and then returned as an adult Scout leader. This year’s awardee, Erik Dryburgh exemplifies the spirit of this award. He served as a Pack 4 den leader for five years, and a year each as Assistant Cubmaster and Cubmaster. In addition and concurrently, he has served as the Treasurer for Troop 15. Erik’s good turns go way beyond Scouting. He has also provided Pro Bono legal counsel to a lot of community youth organizations which include: Beach Parents Organization, Piedmont Educational Foundation, Piedmont Basketball Foundation, Piedmont Youth Soccer Club, Jack London Youth Soccer Sports League and Skyline Lacrosse Club.

Sidney C. Singer Service to

Sid Singer
PHS Principal, Randy Booker (left) and Anne-Marie Lamarche (right) present the Sidney C. Singer Award to John White (center).

Youth Award –John R. White
This award was established in 1986 in honor of longtime Scouter, Sidney C. Singer, Jr. It is made to a citizen of Piedmont who has performed outstanding service to youth in the community, either in or outside of the Scouting program. This year’s award went to John White who has actively served Piedmont Community youth through his involvement with Piedmont High School Boosters, Piedmont Community Church and an important role in last year’s staging of “Every 15 Minutes,” a program to educate high school-aged kids on the dangers of drinking and driving. For John White’s comments on his award, look to the end of this article.

Award of Merit –Rich Harms and Randy Litteneker


Award of Merit
Randy Litteneker (center) is congratulated by Chris Lee and Jo Hazelett for receiving the Award of Merit.

The Award of Merit is presented by the Council to Scouters who render service of an outstanding nature at the Council level. This year the two awardees were Rich Harms and Randy Litteneker. Rich served as served as Scoutmaster of Troop 1 fro many years after his Eagle Scout son graduated from high school. In addition, he is leading his third trek to Philmont this summer and he also serves as the Eagle Project review person for the council. Randy Litteneker is currently the Council Commissioner and in addition to his Troop and Order of the Arrow Activities, is active as Wood Badge staff. Both Rich and Randy are Eagle Sco


Silver Beaver – Ken Li

Silver Beaver 1
Ken Li (far right) proudly shares his Silver Beaver Award with his daughter Lindsay and his wife Valerie Ng.

This final and important award is made to men and women for noteworthy service of an exceptional character to youth by registered Scouters, upon recommendation of the local council, and approval of the Executive Board of the National Council, Boy Scouts of America. It is the highest honor a local council may bestow. In 1926, the first Silver Beaver was presented to Lord Baden Powell.  Since that time the Piedmont Council has presented this honor to 85 people.

Ken Li
Ken Li's Silver Beaver award was presented to him by Greg Andreas, last year's recipient.

This year the Awards Committee selected Ken Li to receive the Silver Beaver. Ken, never a Scout himself, jumped in with both feet when his son Nicholas joined Cub Scouts about 10 years ago. As Nicholas grew up, Ken has done everything from chairing popcorn sales for his Cub Pack; getting our annual T-shirt fundraiser off the ground; participating in Wood Badge and serving as an Assistant Scoutmaster in Troop 11. But this was not enough for Ken. In the past several years as Vice President for Venturing, Ken provided the spark to launch two new units (Community Service and Fencing) and provided support and guidance to most of our other Venturing units. Ken has been the guiding force behind the success and strengthening of these units and has made a substantial impact on the program. If any of you know Ken, you have probably been asked to help in some way!

The dinner, attended by 150 people was chaired by Judy Rosenberg and flowers were arranged by Lynn Fischer. The dinner is not a fundraiser and we are grateful to those who helped keep our costs down by providing underwriting: Andy Ball, Dr. Bradley Irving, Dr. and Mrs. Straty Righellis, Maureen Kennedy and Sunny Piedmont Cleaners and Thornhill Pet Hospital. In addition, Piedmont Grocery and Village Market each donated a case of wine. The awards were engraved by Gary Hartsock.

We are very fortunate to have so many wonderful and dedicated people who give so much to make this Council great!

Remarks by John White (Sid Singer Awardee)

John White
Piedmont Council's Executive Director, Jo Hazelett with John White.


I was taken completely by surprise when Anne-Marie called me to say that I was to receive the Sid Singer Award from the Piedmont Boy Scout Council.
Frankly, I don't think what I do is that big a deal.

But the opportunity to recognize the great work that happens with youth in this town, now that's special and that's really why we're here.  It's especially meaningful this year because two of our own children, Miranda and Riely, are graduating in June and I love being recognized at the same time that they and their friends are coming of age and moving on.  It's great to be part of the Class of 2008.

The fact that this recognition comes from the Boy Scouts is very, very meaningful to me.  When I was growing up a million years ago in Cincinnati, Ohio one of the best experiences in my youth was being an active member of Troop 149.  We did a ton of camping, including two trips to Philmont, which introduced me to the West.  As a matter of fact, my mother believes that part of the reason I settled in California was the opening of my vistas with those Scout trips to Philmont, and she's probably right.

But the other aspect of Scouting that was so influential to me was our Scoutmaster, Jim Moffett.  He was truly a lovely man who was patient, and fun, and respected us all.  It was his passion for the outdoors that made ours a camping troop and he carried it off with such a sense of style that his nickname was Gentleman Jim--made even more remarkable given the fact that it was me and all the other wild and wooly youth he was leading into the wilderness.  Be we loved the experience, and we loved him, and I think we all knew he loved us.

If there's one person I'd like to dedicate this Sid Singer Award to it would be Jim Moffett.  And if there's one person who has taught me how satisfying and fulfilling it is to spend extended time with our youth, it would also be Jim Moffett.  In this small town of Piedmont we are unbelievably blessed to have our young people growing up close at hand.  In these uncertain times there is nothing I believe in more that these fine boys and girls who are our future.  I would like to recognize them, and all the other adults like myself who are fortunate enough to have a hand in making that promise come true.


Cub Family and Resident Camp- Sign-Up Now!

Calling all Cub families! Have some good ol’ family fun this summer at the second annual Family Camp, July 24-27 at Camp Cutter in Santa Cruz! Parents, Cubs and siblings are invited to join us for archery, canoeing, hiking, crafts and much, much more! Download the registration form at http://www.piedmontbsa.org/events/detail.php?id=226 and contact Jason with any questions: 547-4493 or jasonz@piedmontbsa.org.

Boy Scouts and Venturers- We Want You at Family Camp! Looking to make some extra cash this summer while having fun? Well, look no further than the Cub Family Camp, July 24-27 at Camp Cutter in Santa Cruz, described above! The activity stations (archery, canoeing, etc.) will be staffed by Boy Scouts and Venturers from the Piedmont and Alameda Councils, so we need you! 14 and 15 year olds get service hours, while those 16 and older earn $8.00/hour. For more information or if you’d like to sign-up, please contact Jason at jasonz@piedmontbsa.org or 547-4493.

Cooking Crew- Adult Volunteers Needed! We’re excited about the launching of our newest Venturing unit, a Cooking Crew! Before we start churning out gourmet feasts and forging the next Bobby Flays and Rachel Rays, though, we need a few Piedmont adults to help advise the unit. If you have some verve and élan in the kitchen and are interested in interacting with high school students, please let us know! The time commitment can be as low as 2 hours a month. If you’d like more information or would like to get involved, contact Jason at jasonz@piedmontbsa.org or 547-4493. Bam!

A Summer of Fun with the Piedmont Council! While the school year is filled with action-packed Scouting trips, the fun really begins in the summer! Join us for one or more of these epic events! For more details, please see our website: http://www.piedmontbsa.org/events/index.php?m=6&y=2008

June 7th: Highlander Hike @ Tilden

June 15th-21st: Brownsea National Youth Leadership Training for Boy Scouts

June 21st: Community Service Crew Hot Lunch @ St. Mark’s Church in Berkeley

June 22nd-28th: Troop 4 Summer Camp

Highlander Hike Botanical Gardens
In March our Highlander Hikers visited the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens.

June 22nd-28th: Troop 15 Summer Camp

June 23rd-27th: Cub Day Camp @ Dracena Park

July 4th: Cub Scout Kazoo Band in the Piedmont 4th of July Parade

July 6th-12th: Troop 6 Summer Camp

July 6th-12th: Troop 11 Summer Camp

July 12th-14th; 19th-21st: John Muir National Youth Leadership Training for Boy Scouts

July 19th: Community Service Crew Hot Lunch @ St. Mark’s Church in Berkeley

July 20th-26th: Troop 1 Summer Camp

July 24th-27th: Cub Family Camp @ Camp Cutter in Santa Cruz

July 27th-August 8th: Boy Scout Excursion to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico

August 3rd-12th: Community Service Crew Trip to Costa Rica


Recruitment All Year Long!

While most Packs, Troops and Crews hold recruitment events in the spring and fall, youth can join anytime throughout the year! Whether you’re a Boy Scout interested in a Venturing unit such as the Fencing Crew or the Oakland Strokes rowing team or you have a friend who is considering joining Boy Scouting (you need not have been a Cub in order to join Boy Scouts!), check out our wonderful programs this summer! What better time than now, with no homework or school to keep one occupied?


Sea Scouts Sailing into Adventures Galore!

Piedmont’s newly reinvigorated Sea Scouts program has had an eventful and glorious year! Avid sailor Martin Thomas recently joined the adult leadership as the Assistant Skipper, the group got new sails for their 30 foot Morgan sloop- the “Revenge”- and are now ready to start sailing the ocean blue. Under the able leadership of Skipper Andrew Williamson and a great group of adult leaders, the Sea Scouts are truly charting a new course.


Bike Rodeo a Smashing Success!

One of the highlights of the Cub Scout year, the Bike Rodeo again provided a fun and informative day for Piedmont elementary school families. Held at Beach Elementary School for the second consecutive year, 150 kids and parents came to see demonstrations by Justice Baxter of Montclair bike shop Wheels of Justice, learn safety tips and even conquer a daunting obstacle course! The event was jointly organized by the Piedmont Police Department, whose high school Police Explorers ran the event along with members from the UC Berkeley co-ed service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, and the Piedmont Council. Much thanks to our generous sponsors Dreyer’s, Mulberry’s Market, Safeway and Wheels of Justice!


Boy Scout Camporee- May 16-18!

This year’s “Island Adventure” Camporee, the veritable Olympics of Boy Scouting, will be held this weekend at nearby Bort Meadows in Anthony Chabot Regional Park. Scouts from Piedmont’s five Troops- plus a patrol of 4th grade Webelos- will compete in a medley of events while Scoutmaster Roger Eliassen and other adult leaders oversee the cooking of an 80-100 lb. pig for an epic luau! For more information please visit www.piedmontcamporee.org. If you’d like to attend as a guest, you must RSVP with Jason Zeledon at 547-4493 or jasonz@piedmontbsa.org.


Eagle’s Nest

Congratulations and welcome to our new Eagle Scouts! The Council now boasts 1038 Eagle Ranks earned since 1921 and remains one of the leading councils in the country for percentage of youth earning this highest honor. For a complete list of Piedmont Eagle Scouts go to http://piedmontbsa.org/eagles/localeagles.php

Name:  Kevin Renner


Years in Scouting:  11 years
High School/Year of Graduation:  St. Mary’s College High School 2009   
Recognitions: Den Chief, Patrol Leader, Quartermaster, National Jamboree, Parvuli Dei and Ad Altare Dei Religious Awards, Order of the Arrow; Honor Roll, National Merit Society, Athlete Award, JV Football & Varsity Tennis, Scholar Athlete; North Coast Section, CIF Distinguished Scholastic Team  
Hours and Project Information:  178 hours
Power washed and stained existing fences. Designed and organized the construction and staining of two additional redwood fences with gates.
Comments about Scouting Experience: “In Scouts you don’t just learn how to tie knots and make fires. You learn things of far more importance. You learn friendship, leadership, confidence. You learn not just to lead as SPL, but how to lead by example. You learn to be confident in your decisions and how you handle prickly situations.”
Scoutmaster’s Comments:  “His strongest attributes are working with younger Scouts, teaching and leading.”


Name:  Andrew Harvey  

Andrew Harvey ES

Troop:  11

Years in Scouting:  11 years
High School/Year of Graduation:  Piedmont High School/2008   
Recognitions:  Den Chief, Patrol Leader, Bugler, Instructor, Order of the Arrow Troop Rep and Vice Chief for Finance, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Senior Patrol Leader; 2nd Place PHS Science Fair, PHS Honor Society, CIF Scholar Athlete, Varsity Water Polo and Tennis, PHS Band and Jazz Band, UC Berkeley Academic Talent Development Program.
Hours and Project Information:  149 hours
Developed and organized the painting of a miniature roadway for tricycles at Unity Council Head Start School in the Fruitvale area of Oakland.
Comments about Scouting Experience: “... in general, improved my life vastly by both improving my skills of camping and other everyday life skills as well as letting me have loads of fun on campouts and the meetings...”
Scoutmaster’s Comments:  “Andrew is dependable, reliable, friendly, personable, intelligent, responsible and good with adults.”



Name:  Alexander Guidici

Alex Guidici ES


Years in Scouting: 10 years 
High School/Year of Graduation: Piedmont High School 2007
Recognitions:  Den Leader and Senior Patrol Leader for Day Camp, Patrol Leader, Chaplains Aide, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Brownsea Leader; Rugby, Sailing Race Team, 4 Year Varsity Water Polo, and Youth Bagpipe Band Pipe Major.
Hours and Project Information: 100 hours
Planned and coordinated the construction of a 3-bin wood and wire stationary compost box for Whittier Elementary School in Oakland.
Comments about Scouting Experience: “The years in Scouting have given me the ability to lead a group, whether I know the members or not.  Such leadership has raised my comfort with responsibility, and has flooded into other areas of my life.”


Name:  Andy Van Slyke

Andy VanSlyke ES

Troop:  11

Years in Scouting: 10 years 
High School/Year of Graduation: Piedmont High School 2008 
Recognitions: Patrol Leader, Cub Scout Camp Counselor, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Brotherhood Member in the Order of the Arrow, Oakland Strokes Crew, Gold Medal, Long Beach Competition.
Hours and Project Information: 97 hours
Planned and coordinated the painting of numbers and letters in the playground of Nielsen Elementary School in Dublin.  The project is designed to introduce the younger children to letters and numbers in a fun and constructive environment.”
Comments about Scouting Experience: “Looking back over all of my Scouting experiences I am glad that I have been a part of it and feel that what I have learned will help me for the rest of my life.  I am very glad that I have gone down the trail to Eagle.”
Scoutmaster’s Comments:  “has a friendly, affable nature, good sense of humor and is impervious to cold weather.”


Name:   Jeffry Kalmon II

Jeff Kalmon Jr ES

Troop: 6

Years in Scouting:  5 years
High School/Year of Graduation: St. Mary’s College High School 2008
Recognitions: Quartermaster, Scribe, Chaplain’s Aide, Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Ordeal Member, Order of the Arrow, Ad Altare Dei Award;  Football and Lacrosse, Youth Ministry Music Leader.
Hours and Project Information: 109 hours
Planned and coordinated the construction of a new storage system at Dimond Recreation Center, which included patching, priming, and painting the areas around the storage.
Comments about Scouting Experience: “(Scouting) taught me discipline and life skills which I will use all my life. Scouting strengthened my leadership skills and made me a more solid individual.”
Scoutmaster’s Comments:  “Jeffry has a remarkable level of enthusiasm.  He finds ways to make things fun. He is engaging and charismatic. He is a very nice kid.”


Name:  Christopher Bishop

Chris Bishop ES

Troop: 11

Years in Scouting: 12 years
High School/Year of Graduation: Bentley School 2008
Recognitions: Assistant Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader, Senior Patrol Leader, Brotherhood Member of the Order of the Arrow; Student Ambassador, Director’s List (9,10,11), AP Scholar w/Honors, Aquila Art and Literary Journal, Tennis, Soccer, Varsity Cross Country and Coaches Award.
Hours and Project Information: 149 hours
Planned and coordinated the construction of a wooden storage shed to hold emergency supplies for Zion Lutheran Church and School.
Comments about Scouting Experience: “In Boy Scouts, I learned how to lead others….By the time I finished as Senior Patrol Leader, I realized that leadership requires preparation, delegation and respect.”
Scoutmaster’s Comments:  “Chris’ strongest attributes are his calm, steady personality, sense of humor and easy-going manner.”


Name:  Bryce Chu

Bryce Chu ES

Troop: 15 

Years in Scouting: 11 years
High School/Year of Graduation: Piedmont High School 2008 
Recognitions: Librarian, Quartermaster, Troop Guide, Day Camp Staff , World Scout Jamboree Patrol Leader, Camporee Planning Committee; Asian Student Union, Honor Society, Varsity Baseball, Co-Captain Varsity Football and First Team All League Football and Baseball.
Hours and Project Information: 134 hours
Planned and coordinated the construction of a 16’ x 17’ area patio in the East Bay Regional Park District’s Tilden Little Farm.
Comments about Scouting Experience: “I have learned to become a leader….I have learned to be a role model, to have a positive attitude, and to be a good communicator.  All of these social skills will benefit me as an adult.”
Scoutmaster’s Comments: “Once he starts something he does the best possible.”

Name:  Kevin Clark

Kevin Clark ES

Troop: 15

Years in Scouting: 12 years
High School/Year of Graduation: Piedmont High School 2008
Recognitions: Den Chief, Day Camp Staff, Quartermaster, Chaplains Aide, Patrol Advisor, Sea Scout Boatswain and Mate. Vigil Honor Order of the Arrow and Lodge Chief, Founder’s Day Award; Football, Tennis and Rugby, Scholar Athlete Tennis and Football and Tennis Team Captain
Hours and Project Information: 139 hours
Planned and coordinated construction of a wall ball board and two soccer goals for Rosa Parks Elementary School in Berkeley.
Comments about Scouting Experience: “Boy Scouts has provided nothing but fun and learning experiences for me. I have learned great leadership skill, countless life lessons and above all made many new friends.”
Scoutmaster’s Comments: “(Kevin’s strongest attributes are) his willingness and good disposition toward all aspects of life.”


Name:  Jason Silver

Jason Silver ES

Troop:  15

Years in Scouting: 12 years High School/Year of Graduation: Piedmont High School 2008 
Recognitions:  Den Chief, Librarian, Patrol Leader, Troop Guide, Brotherhood Member Order of the Arrow; Lacrosse and Soccer, Honors Society, Scholar Athlete, Community Service Award     
Hours and Project Information: 153 hours
Planned and coordinated the building of two A-frame picnic tables, and a new brick wall near the northwest corner of the Piedmont Recreation Department.
Comments about Scouting Experience: “Being an Eagle Scout, I will look back to the Scout law to guide my future decisions as they have instilled in me principles of trust, loyalty, helpfulness and respect.”
Scoutmaster’s Comments:  “He has a positive, friendly manner.  He is completely trustworthy.” 

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The Conclave, by Jim Weber

Conclave 1
Members of Piedmont’s Youth Bagpipe Band, from left, Alex Guidici, Neal Farmer and Rachel Collins. Photo by Cathy Farmer.


This year, Piedmont's Order of the Arrow Lodge, Hungteetsepoppi, had the honor of hosting the annual Section W3A Conclave at Coast Guard Island near Alameda.

Hungteetsepoppi is one of the eight local lodges of Section W3A, which stretches from Monterey Bay to Napa.  Once a year, the eight local lodges gather for a weekend of training, competitions, shows, fellowship and fun, with typically over 300 members attending.

Since holding the Conclave at Coast Guard Island allowed us access to their facilities, some of the most memorable events were the tours of Cutters Sherman and Morgenthau, an eventful search and rescue demonstration with a helicopter, and a strike team demonstration. 

32 Members from the host lodge, Hungteetsepoppi, attended and used their superiority at athletics to dominate many of the sporting events.  This year, Hungteetsepoppi Lodge won the "Most Indian" lodge award while losing the main Con

Conclave 2
Members of Piedmont’s Youth Bagpipe Band, from left, Alex Guidici, Neal Farmer and Rachel Collins. Photo by Cathy Farmer.

clave Award to Miwok.

Conclave 3
Kevin Clark makes a spectacular shot while competing in Indian Handball at the Section W3A Conclave at Coast Guard Island.

In attendance at this Conclave were the 2008 National Vice-Chief Ben Stilwill, and 2007 National Chief Evan Chaffee.  Also, Lodge Adviser Kevin Fischer will be assuming the roll as Associate Section Adviser. 

The next time Hun

Conclave 4
Greg Andreas, Bonnie Gaither, Arthur Edmonds, Vince Faughnan and seated are Pat Zika and Dale Radcliff.

gteetsepoppi will host the conclave will be in 2015, so get ready for 7 years of dominating other lodges on their home turf!



CBC logo Criminal Background Checks Now Required for all Scout Volunteers

As dedicated BSA volunteers, you understand the importance of keeping our youth safe in the Scouting program. To ensure Youth Protection, our organization has conducted criminal background checks on all new volunteers since April 2003. Because some volunteers have been continually registered in the program since before April 2003, some have not had a criminal background check. In the next few months, we will be communicating with those volunteers on this issue. The letter will explain the need for consent to conduct a criminal background check and direct volunteers to a Web site.

The letter with the Web site information is scheduled to be mailed by June 2, 2008. The Web site address is www.bsacbc.org, and the site will be active from June 1 until August 1, 2008. On the site, volunteers will be asked to review an authorization statement, agree to consent to a background check, and provide information, such as your Social Security number, which is necessary to conduct the CBC, and verify and submit the information.

To learn more about the Volunteers and Background Checks program, click here.


Contributions to the Friends of Scouting Campaign 2007-2008


Mr. Billy Allen

Ms. Paula Althoff

Mr. Jack Anderson

Mr.  Frank Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bailey-Gates

Mr. and Mrs. James Bangert

Ms. Karen Barbieri

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Barnes

Mr. James Barnes

Mr. and Mrs. John Bates

Mr Bradley Bredemann

Mr.  John Bryan

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Buttner

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Cadenasso

Dr. and Mrs. Revels Michael Cayton

Mr. George Chambers

Mr. Peter Cole

Mr. Charles Coon

Mr. and Mrs. L. Dale Crandall

Mr. Sheldon Crandall

Mr. Norman Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Troy Davis

Mr. and Mrs. John Dittoe

Mr. and Mrs. Vivian Dorsch

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dunham

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Egawa

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ellis

Mr. J. Eppler

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Felder

Cdr. Hugh Finley

Mr. and Mrs. William Fraley

Dr. and Mrs. Oscar Frick

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gerken

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Gillespie

Ms. Marella Guigou

Mr. Ross Hambly

Mr. and Mrs.  Howard Hansen

Mr. and Mrs.  Bruce Hayes

Mr. and Mrs.  George Heath Jr

Dr. and Mrs. John Hege

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Heilbron

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Henn

Mr. and Mrs. William Henshaw

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Herbert

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hill

Ms.  Marie Hogan

Mr. and Mrs. Grant Hunt

Ms. Velma Jarvis

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jepsen

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kenny

Mr. and Mrs. Dade King

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kohne

Mr. and Mrs. George Krusi

Mr. and Mrs. Louise Linford

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Locktov

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lombardi

Lt. Col. Ralph Love Jr.

Mr. and Mrs.  Richard Lowry

Mr. and Mrs.  Thomas Lowry

Mr. and Mrs.  Gene Maloney

Mr. and Mrs.  Kenneth McKean

Mr. and Mrs.  Edwin McKeown

Mr. and Mrs.  John Mead

Ms. Jean Mitchell

Ms.  Eleanor Moore

Ms. Caralee Morris

Mr. and Mrs. William Nevin

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Plock

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Pritchard

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Purcell

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Reynolds

Mr. & Mrs. Drew Robarts

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rosen

Mrs. Edward Rowe

Dr. and Mrs. James Sakamoto

Mr. William Sheaf

Mrs. John Shuman

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smegal

Mr. and Mrs. James Soper

Dr. and Mrs. Jack Stehr

Mr. John Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs.  C. Z. F. Sutton

Ms. Clara Ann Tennis

Mrs. Janet Towler

Ms.  Marilyn Tracy

Mr. and Mrs. John Tsoi

Mr. and Mrs. James Wieking

Ms. Virginia Wildman

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wong

Mr. and Mrs.  Joseph Woods




S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation

Lakeside Foundation



Ackerman's Servicing Volvos, Inc.

Tulloch Construction, Inc


Matching Gifts

Applied Materials

Bank of America Matching Gifts Program

Chevron Texaco Employees' "People Making a Difference" Campaign

The Clorox Company Foundation Employee Giving Campaign


Pack 3

Mr. Thomas Andreoni & Ms. Karen Stanton

Mr. and Mrs. James Baack

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Becker

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Christiansen

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crowley Jr

Mr. Don Eidam & Ms. Ellie Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Filler

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Ford

Mr. and Mrs. Arnie Gutlaizer

Mr. and Mrs. John Hanke

Mr. and Mrs. James Harrison

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Heckmann

Mr. Paul Kuroda & Dr. Janine Hirata

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lalli

Mr. Garrick Lew & Ms. Diane Hiura

Dr.  Terrence Liu & Ms. Eileen Consorti

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lymburn

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Martinez

Mr. Richard Meyers & Ms. Wilma Wallace

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Orban

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Perkocha

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Rose

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Rosenthal

Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Sacay Jr

Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Max Stern

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Thacher

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Valen

Mr. Christopher Van Gundy & Ms. Linda Chung

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Winn

Mr. and Mrs. George Zimmer


Pack 4

Mr.  Robert Andrews & Ms. Karen Bormann

Mr.  Donald Ashburn & Ms.Margaret Ovenden

Mr.  Michael Blake Sr

Mr. and Mrs. William Bocheff

Mr.  Edwin Callahan & Ms. Dulcy Wolverton

Mr.  Andrew Champion

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Chin

Mr. and Mrs. Stephan Dean

Mr. and Mrs. Erik Dryburgh

Mr. and Mrs. CheeKeong Lin

Mr. and Mrs. Andre Madeira

Mr. and Mrs. Tai Tam


Pack 5

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Bentley

Mr. and Mrs.  Allen Bouch

Mr. and Mrs. Glyn Burge

Mr. and Mrs.  James Bushnell

Mr. and Mrs.  Christopher Downey

Mr. and Mrs.  Matthew Lichens

Ms. Frannie Mok

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pellegrini

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Porter

Mr. and Mrs.  Todd Reynolds

Mr. and Mrs.  Matthew Rogers

Ms.  Michelle Roos

Mr. and Mrs.  Bob Sharman

Mr. and Mrs.  Drew Singer

Mr.  Clifford Wang

Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Wiesbrock

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Willis


Pack 6

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crosby

Mr.  Thomas Elmendorf & Ms. Kathleen Rousseau

Mr.and Mrs. Donald Gray

Mr.and Mrs. James Lennon

Mr.and Mrs. Paul Meyer

Mr.and Mrs. William Murphy

Mr.and Mrs. Erik Okada

Mr.and Mrs. Celso Perez

Mr.and Mrs. Matthew Szuhaj Sr

Mr.and Mrs. Sean Walsh Sr

Mr.and Mrs. Frank Zelinka


Troop 1

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Adams

Ms.  Barbara Addleman

Mr.  Michael Bandrowski & Ms. Renee Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell Bublitz

Mr. and Mrs. John Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fishel

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Freeman

Mr. and Mrs. David Fullerton

Mr. Jay Gorud & Ms. Jan Howland

Mr. and Mrs. L. Randolph Harris

Mr.  Gregg Hauser & Dr. Judy O'Young

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hernandez

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Lam

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marshak

Mr. and Mrs. Seamus Meagher

Mr. Anthony Mirante

Mr. & Mrs. Jan Olsen

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Pike

Mr.  Francis Ryan & Ms. Judith Levitan

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Savidge

Mr. Todd Sotkiewicz & Ms. Mary Margaret Sinnema

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sweeney Sr

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Watson


Troop 4

Mr.  Frank Arthur & Ms. Eileen Ash

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cardoza

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Docter

Mr. and Mrs. Bob McBain

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mead

Dr. and Mrs. George Rutherford

Mr.  Roger Strauch & Dr. Julie Kulhanjian

Dr. and Mrs. Peter Sun


Troop 6

Ms. Dianne Crosby

Mr.  Jeffrey Green & Ms. Pat Dombrink

Mr. and Mrs. James Hager

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Holl

Mr. and Mrs. John Hyland

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffry Kalmon

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Nolan

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Orgeron

Mr. and Mrs. David Roy

Ms.  Catherine Stearns

Ms.  Dani Tucker

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Woelffer

Hon. and Mrs. Pat Zika


Troop 11

Mr.  Greg Andreas & Ms. Judith Rosenberg

Mr. Frank Arthur & Ms. Elieen Ash

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bishop

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Bleich

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carter

Mr. and Mrs. Massimiliano Chiodo

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Collins

Dr. and Mrs. Scott Corvin

Mr. and Mrs. David DaSilva

Mr. and Mrs. David De Roche

Mr. and Mrs. Steven DeBacker

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dukas

Mr. and Mrs. Vince Faughnan

Mr. G Fletcher

Mr. Richard Granberg & Ms. Anita Stapen

Mr. Peter Harvey & Ms. Prudence Ashley

Ms. Mary Heller

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Jacobs

Mr. Conrad  Alt & Ms. Maureen Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. John Kerley

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Labberton

Mr. Gary Lee & Ms. Lisa Oyama

Mr.  Ken Li & Ms. Valerie Ng

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Litteneker

Mr. and Mrs. Nick McCully

Mr. and Mrs. Mark McKeen

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Meyersieck

Mr.  Derrick Palmer & Ms. Cary Robnett

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Raskin

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Rosenthal

Mr. Jay Sloan & Ms. Sasha Match

Mr. and Mrs. Evan Solley

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Soper

Mr. Richard Turney & Ms. Lisa Kieraldo

Ms. Christy VanSlyke

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Walker

Mr. Clifford Wang

Mr. and Mrs. Wai Wong

Mr. and Mrs. James Yeh


Troop 15

Mr. and Mrs. Tarang Amin

Mr. Thomas Andreoni & Ms. Karen Stanton

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Barker

Mr. and Mrs. John Chiang

Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln Chu

Mr. Rick Clark & Ms. Patty Reed

Mr. Grant Crossen & Ms. Melissa Wenters

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Drake

Mr. and Mrs. Erik Dryburgh

Mr. and Mrs. William Essert

Mr. and Mrs. Hal Feiger

Mr.  Peter Fetterolf & Ms. Jennifer Nixon

Mr Thomas Gandesbery

Mr. Jim Gay & Ms. Mary Liz Wardlaw

Mr. and Mrs. James Horner

Mr. and Mrs. William Howard

Mr. Mark Menke & Ms. Anne-Marie Lamarche

Mr. and Mrs. James Musbach

Ms.  Virginia Preston

Mr.  David G. Riker & Ms. Rosie Newhall

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Schofield

Mr. and Mrs. Osman Sezgen

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sieben

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Silver

Ms.  Catherine Stasio

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Turner

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Walters lll

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Watson

Mr. and Mrs. John White

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Yoder


Oakland Strokes--Crews 8 & 9

Mr. and Mrs. H. Frost Prioleau


Community Service-Crew 22

Mr.  Ken Li and Ms. Valerie Ng


Fencing-Crew 21

Mr.  Ken Li and Ms. Valerie Ng


Ship 16

Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Hazelett

Mr.  Ken Li & Ms. Valerie Ng


Police Explorers-Post 911

Mr. and Mrs.  Chung-Yiu Lam


Executive Board

Mr. & Mrs. Tarang Amin

Mr.  Gregory Andreas & Ms. Judith Rosenberg

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Barker

Mr. & Mrs. John Campbell

Mr.  Rick Clark & Ms. Patty Reed

Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert Coleman Jr

Mr.  Richard Eigenbrode & Ms. Pat Nicholas

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Eliassen

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Faughnan

Mr. & Mrs. Abe Friedman

Mr. & Mrs. Dick Gaither

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Kelleher

Ms. Maureen Kennedy & Mr. Conrad Alt

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Lee

Mr.  Ken Li & Ms. Valerie Ng

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Litteneker

Mr. & Mrs. William Molmen

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Orgeron

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Pike

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Raskin

Chief Lisa Ravazza

Mr. & Mrs. David Roy

Mr.  Roger Strauch & Dr. Julie Kulhanjian

Mr. & Mrs. David Sweet

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Tai

Hon. & Mrs. Patrick Zika


Advisory Board

Hon. & Mrs. Carl Anderson

Mrs. Rosamond Castle

Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCreary III

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Radcliff

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Smith


Members at Large

Mr. and Mrs. William Ashton

Dr.  Fred Byl

Ms.  Barbara Cox

Dr. and Mrs.  Jay Hann III

Mr.  James Meagher Sr

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Prindle

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Singer

Mr. and Mrs. Ian Turner

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Wooster



Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Fischer

Mr. & Mrs. Kerry Hazelett

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mayer

Mr.  Yuki  Ikeda & Ms. Linda Tu

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Zeledon


Tree Lot Underwriting

Bay Alarm

Elizabeth Dalrymple

State Farm Insurance


Gifts Made in Honor of an Individual

Eagle Scout, Christopher Bishop

Todd Sotkiewicz & Mary Margaret Sinnema


Bill & Mike Carter

James C. Bangert


Eagle Scout, Bryce Chu

Peter Craigie & Conna McCarthy


Eagle Scout, Kieran Craigie

Rick Clark & Patty Reed

The Lamarche/Menke Family


Eagle Scout, Chris Gorud

Jay Gorud & Jan Howland


Burr Faughnan, Troop 11

James & Suzanne Soper


Eagle Scout, John Fullerton

Barbieri Family


Silver Beaver, Ken Li

Lawrence & Patricia Siskind


Gifts Made in Lieu of Flowers were Received

in Memory of The Following Individuals


Francisco Arizer

Janet & Sheldon Crandall


Ina Burrows

Velma & Allen Jarvis


Mr. & Mrs. Bill Cronk, Jr

Doug & Melinda Gillespie


William "Bill" D. Dabney

H.C and C.W. Hansen

William W. Sheaff

Marilyn Tracy


Charles H. Guigou

Marella R. Guigou


Kenneth Miller

Rowe Family


William B. Mitchell

Jean B. Mitchell


Arthur Wyman Procter

Jane & John Branigan

John B. Corcoran

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dunham

Nigel & Kimberley Ekern

Larry Gage

Winnie W. Huang

Frederick Kolbe

Jane Randall Charles & Anne Smith

Artemis P. Willis

Mary G. Wilson

Carolyn Wyckoff


Edward H. Rowe

Mrs. Edward Rowe


Mr. John Robert Shuman

Mrs. John Robert Shuman


Troop 2 (1948-1955 era)

Richard S. Lowry, Eagle 1952


Dr. George Smith

Paul Mayer


Robert F. Wildman

Virginia P. Wildman


Switch-back Scout Pants Buy One-Get One Offer

The Scout Shop has alerted us to an exceptional offer through May 15 only—two sets of pants for $40. You can find the specific information for this great deal on Scoutingstuff.org at the link below. Don't miss this opportunity for these nylon zip-away Scout pants for the summer. This is an excellent opportunity for new Scouts. Think about your growing boys; you can buy his exact size now, and one size up for next year. You could even buy him one and one for your husband. Don't wait; the offer expires on May 15. Don't forget to use the Promo Code: S36822. http://www.scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/ItemDetail.aspx?cat=01RTL&ctgy=PRODUCTS&c2=UNIFORMS&c3=SBSALE&c4=&lv=3&item=900SBP


REI Discounts

REI offers a 10% discount off most regularly priced items to Scout Troops. There is no minimum purchase to obtain the discount and they may offer deeper discounts on larger orders. They also offer personalization on many items for an additional fee. If you need a bid or quote before you purchase you can access REI’s online bid system at www.rei.com.cgs.

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President’s Perspective

In 1933, my father attended the World Scout Jamboree in Austria. While there the pride of Nazidom was on display. My father observed Scout-aged, brown shirted youths militaristically marching with guns, and actually shook hands with Hitler and Goerring. He also made friends with a young Hungarian Jewish Scout. Afterwards, they corresponded. At one point my father’s friend confided that his parents wanted him to find a business sponsor which would allow him to immigrate to the USA. He asked my father to help. So he and my grandfather worked diligently towards this goal. After a long struggle, they were finally successful. Happily, they cabled the boy with the good news. Shortly thereafter they received back this reply. It said, “Thank you for your work, but you are too late by a day.” My father never heard from his friend again. Needless to say, having a sense of urgency is an attribute of high value in our family.

Today the Piedmont Boy Scout Council hopefully marches with the same sense of urgency about getting things done. There are times, however, when privately we worry that we will have a perfectly working, wonderful Scout program, but no boys with which to work. We need all of your help to get the word out to young families in Piedmont. There is a place for children in Piedmont which cares about values, character, leadership qualities and personal growth. Experience shows that most boys not involved in Scouting simply have never been asked. And just for good measure, call us and get involved with boys and girls at their unit levels. Today, in addition to traditional Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Explorers, we are deeply involved with the Bagpipe Band, the Fencing Club, a Computer Club, the Pinewood Derby, the Bike Rodeo, Career Day at PHS, High Adventures, hikes, summer camps, Oakland Strokes and the Piedmont Language School. There is no better way to invest your time.

- J. Robert Coleman, Jr., Council President

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