Youth Training

Scouts elected to leadership positions are given leadership training from the get-go. The Scoutmaster and the Senior Patrol Leader meet with the newly elected Scout leader for an hour and review with him the responsibilities of the position and their expectations of his performance.

This is followed by a half-day team building session where youth leaders learn some basic leadership skills, including ideas on ways to handle conflict. Scouts quickly realize these leadership skills are useful not only in their Scouting career but in school and in all other areas of their lives as well.

National Youth Leader Training (NYLT—formerly known as Brownsea)

The training of Troop youth leaders is important in the growth of the individual Scout and Troop. This week long training program is an intense youth leadership training program open To Scouts who are 13 years old by October 1st in the year before the course, a first class Scout and have the recommendation of their Scoutmaster.

Den Chief Training

Scouts desiring to serve as a Den Chief with a Cub Scout den are required to take this one-day course. It teaches Scouts how to help with a Cub Scout den, pack or day camp. It is a great leadership position for Scouts and a wonderful recruitment tool for troops.

Interested Scouts should speak to their Scoutmasters about these local training opportunities.