Venturing Awards

The Venturing program features a challenging series of awards that one can earn: the Venturing Bronze, Gold and Silver Awards. The Venturing Silver Award is equivalent to the rank of Eagle in Scouting.

One earns these awards in sequence, demonstrating proficiency in a specific area of interest. Venturers will be challenged to assemble a team of fellow Crew members to complete tasks, seek help from and provide service to the community, promote ethical discussions within the Crew and demonstrate personal growth and maturity while developing leadership skills.

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Venturing Bronze Award

The Venturing Bronze Award focuses on one of five areas of interest, listed below. Venturers may earn one or more of them; each has a series of requirements involving learning a skill and sharing resultant knowledge and experience with one’s Crew or community. At least one Bronze award must be earned before pursuing a Gold award.

  • Arts & Hobbies
  • Outdoor
  • Religious Life
  • Sea Scouting
  • Sports

View the Venturing Bronze Award Facts on the National Council website.

Venturing Gold Award

The Venturing Gold Award is significantly more challenging, yet very achievable for Crew members interested in actively serving in a leadership role and participating in their Crew.

Venturing Silver Award

The Venturing Silver Award represents the highest honor; a seasoned, experienced Venturer must demonstrate a high level of personal maturity, serve as a mentor to other Venturers and teach skills to others.