Venturing, Exploring, Sea Scouts, and Learning for Life: BSA’s Co-Ed Youth Programs

Many of Piedmont’s youth want more than that which the Boy Scout program so effectively delivers. Girls want to engage with the outdoors, so they join the co-ed high adventure crew. Elementary school children want to develop fluency with the sounds of French, Mandarin and Spanish, so they get up early every day to join Piedmont Language School classes. Middle schoolers may join the Piedmont Service Squad where they can do community service alongside of high school teens of the Piedmont Community Service Crew. In these and other pursuits, Piedmont’s youth build and reinforce skills, confidence and values.

Venturing is the program for high schoolers and young adults. The descriptions below focus on the adventure and challenges, leadership skills and opportunities presented by our Learning for Life and Venture programs; contact the Piedmont Scout Service Center to find out more about the distinctions between the two programs, and how you might organize a new initiative to meet the interests of Piedmont’s youth.

To learn more about any of these programs or to sign up follow the links below or contact the Piedmont Scout Service Center office.

Learn more about our exciting programs for local youth: