Sea Scouts

Ship 16 is a coed sailing club that follows the BSA Sea Scouting program model. This group presents an opportunity for both boys and girls who are at least 14 years old to participate in a wide range of maritime activities. Members may be lured by the prospect of learning basic sailing jargon & skills, but we will also develop the teamwork it takes to operate a large wooden sailboat such as the Nehemiah, with the dream to take it on a multi-day journey where we’ll cook our meals and visit other ports along the way. We will do volunteer work by teaching others about sailing, host charter cruises for fund raising, learn boat maintenance. We plan to teach and practice basic water safety techniques.

Ship 16 is lead by Rick Clark, Skipper, along with a group of adults who want to share their passion for the sea. We are lucky to have 4 volunteers from the US Coast Guard who have invited our group to visit some very impressive, BIG ships! This past year, we arranged regular training sails past Angel Island on the Nehemiah, toured the US Coast Guard Cutter Sherman, attended the Ancient Mariner Regatta, staying for the dance and overnight on the USS Hornet.

For more information, and to sign up, contact:

Kerry Hazelett, Ship 16 Committee Chair