Cub Scout Day Camp 2019

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The annual Cub Scout Day Camp, run in the past by employees of the Piedmont Council BSA, has always been a hit with the young cub scouts. A teenage majority makes up the staff, leading he cubs in activities of many categories: STEM, crafts, cooking, scout skills, sports, and archery. Each day is broken up with snack towards the middle of the activity rotation, and after eating the kids spend time playing a group game; often capture the flag or tug-of-war.

This year, a new crew took on the difficult task of planning and coordinating Cub Scout Day Camp. The “Camp Crew” led by venturing scouts and members of Piedmont Community Service Crew, Tali Cooper and Bridget Bentley, was up for the challenge. The two scouts started the Camp Crew with the help of the since-retired district executive, Steve Kahermanes. In collaboration with the newest district executive, Morgan Fjord, Tali and Bridget worked tirelessly to see the camp come to life.  Everything from planning each rotation’s activity to deciding on the overall theme of the camp, and conducting interviews for potential staff was apart of the process.

 When asked about the challenges of the planning process, Bridget Bentley says, “I thought the planning of the camp beforehand made the camp experience more enjoyable for me because I got to see everything that we planned in action which was really rewarding.”

As a two-year staff veteran, I can confidently say that the value of a youth led planning committee shined through in the campers’ enjoyment. Staff understood better how to interact with kids between the ages of 6 and 8. The kids enjoyed the activities that were planned with a goal to forge connections between scouting and responsibility.

The Cubs had the opportunity to act as color guards in the daily flag ceremony, to learn how to set up tents, and to safely shoot a bow and arrow. As the week progressed, it was clear that the young children came to better understand what it means to be a Scout. As a venturing scout myself being not so much a part of the traditional scouting laws, it was lovely to see the respectfulness and understanding being developed in the young scouts.

This year, Cub Scot Day Camp did a fantastic job at achieving its goal: to provide young scouts a place to hone skills that further them in life. The success was much in part to the youth led planning, which can be majorly credited to Bridget Bentley and Tali Cooper.

  If you would like more information about PCSC, Camp Crew, or Cub Scouts, please visit the BSA website.


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