Piedmont Community Service Crew (PCSC) has been active in spite of COVID!  

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This is a great time for youth to join our membership of nearly 200 youth! Get a head start on helping others before school starts.  Middle school kids and their parents are invited to join the Piedmont Service Club, affiliated with PCSC. We don’t just do service, PCSC is youth-run. We teach leadership skills by having our members involved in selecting what we do, planning projects, fundraising, community outreach, and team building.  Motivated members work towards the BSA Venturing Awards for recognition, have access to formal leadership training courses, summer job and intern experiences through our partner organizations, and mentoring for personal growth.


we’ve been providing meals to the homeless and some elderly people who are going through a transitional life-skills program. We helped in the renovation of a preschool for low income children. Did construction work for a future tiny house village in Oakland. Our VPs raised funding for our projects. 

Coming soon:

PCSC is planning to start a speakers series on interesting service-related topics with speakers from organizations that the crew partners with.  This will be open to the broader community and we expect this to be of interest to adults and teens.  We are preparing for the painting of a member-designed mural onto a tiny house that PCSC built last fall. We are going to be building our 2nd Tiny House this fall!

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