Thank You For Considering a Vehicle Donation!

The Piedmont Council of the Boy Scouts of America is grateful for your interest in making an in-kind donation to support our programs. All of the Council’s resources stay in the community to support traditional Scout activities, and our newer programs for boys and girls, including the Strokes rowing teams, the Piedmont Youth Bagpipe Band, and our fencing program (in formation).

The Piedmont Council receives maximum benefit from your donation if you sell the car yourself and forward the cash proceeds to us. We provide documentation to support all donations for tax purposes. Many donors would like to avoid the cost and hassle of advertising the car and showing it to potential buyers, however. Increasingly, they turn to vehicle donation programs.

The Council works with Volunteers of America-Bay Area (VOA), an area nonprofit with vehicle brokering capacity, to collect your donated vehicle, prep it for sale, auction it in the wholesale market, and forward a portion of the proceeds back to our programs. In turn, the donor is able to deduct the market value of the vehicle as an in-kind charitable donation on taxes. For example, at the top tax bracket, that means the donor may save about one dollar in federal and state taxes for every two dollars in value donated—a $5,000 car may represent some $2,500 in tax savings.

IRS regulations require that you complete Section A of Form 8283 for in-kind donations valued between $500 and $5,000; and Part B of Form 8283 for donations valued at over $5,000. Part B requires an appraisal by a qualified individual. A copy of a Kelley Blue Book estimate (see should be adequate for donations under $5,000. Form 8283 is available for downloading at Consult your tax professional before making a final decision.

While the donor receives a deduction equivalent to the vehicle’s retail value, the Piedmont Council receives an important but smaller portion of your donation:

  • VOA deducts a $75 administrative fee and charges about $40 for towing your vehicle from Piedmont.
  • Half of the remaining auction value is retained by VOA to support its programs. These include support for HIV-positive men and women, for developmentally disabled people, for the incarcerated, and for day laborers. In addition, VOA constructs and manages affordable housing in the East Bay, and operates an annual holiday food basket program for the needy. See VOA’s website ( for more details on their efforts.
  • The remaining half is forwarded quickly to the Piedmont Council.
  • Because the car is auctioned in the wholesale market, the sales price will be lower than the fair market retail price.

While the net proceeds to the Piedmont Council are substantially lower than the retail value of the donated vehicle, these are funds we would not otherwise have, and they represent a sizeable portion of our fundraising budget. Moreover, the vast majority of the auction value does support charitable work in the Bay Area, so your contribution makes an important difference. If the $5,000 car sold for $3,000 at the wholesale auction, the Piedmont Council would receive about $1,450, and about $1,450 would go to worthwhile causes in the East Bay.

Our experience with VOA during several recent transactions has been very positive. The organization retrieves your donated vehicle within a few days (their target is 48-hour turnaround, and they can handle rush requests if you call rather than arrange the donation on-line). They will invest in modest repairs as necessary to increase auction proceeds, and will market unique vehicles—such as historic cars and European sports cars—as appropriate. The donation is considered made at the time you agree to the pickup, and liability is transferred to VOA at the time of pickup.

Volunteers of America-Bay Area’s phone number is 1-800-559-5458, and its website is (click on the donate-your-vehicle icon at the right). Fill out the detailed information about your car (VIN, make and model, year, condition of the title, etc.), and VOA will contact you regarding pickup.

Feel free to contact the Piedmont Council Support Center at 510-547-4493 for more information as well.

If you proceed with making a vehicle donation through Volunteers of America, please notify the Piedmont Council so we can track your gift.

Once again, thank you for considering a donation of your car to support the Piedmont Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Together with the Tree Lot, Popcorn Sales, and Friends of Scouting, our vehicle donation program ensures that Piedmont retains the excellent programming and local responsiveness that the community has come to enjoy and expect.