Recharter Online

Each unit must recharter each year in December. Units select an adult volunteer who completes the rechartering process online through the Internet Rechartering portal and facilitates paperwork collection for the items below.

 Please turn in these forms to the council office:

  1. All pages of the Unit Charter Renewal Report Package – printed from link above after completion
  2. BSA Adult or Youth applications for everyone listed as new” on page one of the Charter Renewal Report Package. This includes Youth Protection Training Certificates for all new Adults.
  3. All adults MUST sign and turn in an Additional Disclosures & Background Check Authorization form, after reviewing: Background Check disclosure and CA State Law Disclosure.
  4. 2019 Journey to Excellence Scorecards: available online at: JTE Form
  5. Complete the Disabilities Membership Survey
  6. Annual Charter Agreement: signed by Charter Rep., Institutional Head, and District Executive (can be completed in January)

Helpful Links and Information:

Contact the Council Registrar Laural Fawcett at: [email protected] to get help with questions and required unit access codes.

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