Staff Directory & Executive Board

The Piedmont Council office professional staff consists of four full time employees supported by a 35+ member Executive Board and more than 200 registered adult volunteers.


Katherine “Kate” Benson

Scout Executive/Executive Director

Eris Turner

District Executive (Program Coordinator)

Herb Schmidt

Administrative and Finance Coordinator

Laural Fawcett

Registrar and Marketing Assistant

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Executive Board


Paul Jahn


Rich Harms

Past President

Lisa Gros


Jim Riley

Vice Presidents

Vice President of Program:
Vice President of Membership:
Vice President of Marketing: Atlantis Langowski
Vice President of Development: Bridget Harris

Vice President of Leadership Development: Chee Keong Lin
Vice President of Cub Scouting: Erik Okada
Vice President of Scouts BSA: Glyn Burge
Vice President of Venturing/Exploring/Sea Scouts: Ken Li

Board Members

Walid Abdul-Rahim

Janet Allen

Sandy Ashford

Eric Bentley

Will Campbell

Phil Chin

Hugo Diaz

Anne Hauss-Davies

Karen Hawkins

Ed Henrich

Reed Johnson

Kristin Ogles

Sarah King

Lisa Reynolds

Dante Rodriguez

Tom Smegal

Jennifer Yun

Freda Ziewtlow

Youth Members: Lauren Ashton & Maddie Hill

Chartering Organizations

  • Pack 3 – Piedmont Community Church
  • Pack 4 – Beach School Parents Organization
  • Pack 5 – Wildwood School Dads’ Club
  • Pack 6 – Corpus Christi Catholic Church Men’s Club
  • Troop 1 – Piedmont Community Church
  • Troop 4 – Beach School Parents Organization
  • Troop 6 – Corpus Christi Catholic Church Men’s Club
  • Troop 11 – Piedmont Community Church
  • Troop 15 – Piedmont-Montclair Rotary Club
  • Crew 88 (High Adventure Crew) – Piedmont High School Parents Club
  • Crew 22 (Piedmont Community Service Crew) – Piedmont High School Parents Club
  • Crew 42 (Camp Service Crew) – Piedmont High School Parents Club
  • Ship 16 (Sea Scouts) – TBD
  • Post 1 (Piedmont Service Squad) – Piedmont Middle School Parents Club
  • Post 911 (Police Explorers) – Piedmont Police Department

Advisory Board

  • Hon. Carl Anderson
  • Jeremy Bowers
  • Gray Cathrall
  • J. Robert Coleman, Jr.
  • Rev. Leo Edgerly, Jr.
  • Susan J. Smegal
  • Wes Smith

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