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Scoutbook, BSA’s online advancement reporting tool, allows volunteer leaders to report Cub Scout, Scouts BSA and Sea Scout ranks; Venturing awards; merit badges; and many other awards available through Scouting programs. Designed for use on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, it also allows units to print reports and obtain current rosters from the BSA system. Scoutbook will accept comma delimited files downloaded from existing software, such as TroopWebHost and Troopmaster.

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Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

It is recommended that units report advancement monthly with a final annual report in December. These reporting cycles are important because the data reported supports your unit and our Council’s progress in the Journey to Excellence program, as well as keeping membership records up-to-date. It also makes applying for Eagle or transferring to another unit easier.

Journey to Excellence is the BSA’s planning, performance, and recognition program designed to encourage and reward the success of BSA’s units, districts and councils

  • Unit roster of adults and youth. If a name is missing, the person is not registered.
  • Temporary membership cards for adults and youth with their BSA membership ID number
  • Unit Advancement summary report for currently registered youth; make sure your unit records match the Council records.
  • Individual advancement reports; print and share with a Scout who is moving or an Eagle Scout candidate preparing the application.
  • Previously submitted Advancement reports
  • Individual requirements for ranks, badges, and awards (Scoutbook portal)

Contact the Council office when a unit Advancement Chair change occurs. They will reset the unit profile, which will allow the new Advancement Chair to log on, enter their name, email address, phone number, and create a new password.

Contact the Council to help with questions, provide unit ID numbers, monitor activity, change passwords, reset unit profiles and data, delete entry errors, and help make advancement reporting work smoothly for you. The national office also has a Help Desk that can offer support.

Links for units still using BSA’s prior tracking program, Internet Advancement:

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