Gifts to the Endowment Fund help secure the long-term future of the Piedmont Council, BSA.

Endowed funds have a common objective: to provide support not just for one year or even one generation, but in perpetuity. Endowed funds are invested over the long-term and earnings are used to support Council operations.

Council Endowment Fund

The Council Endowment Fund is of particular importance to our small Council since we have a limited number of people from which we can seek funding. It currently provides one third of the operating income of the Council.

Gifts to the Council Endowment Fund can be made as current gifts (cash or securities) or as part of your Legacy Giving (bequests or trusts etc.). Many individuals and corporations make these gifts either on behalf of someone else—such as in honor of an Eagle Scout, Silver Beaver recipient, a retirement, a special accomplishment or anniversary—or in memory of a special individual.

Levels of Cumulative Giving and Recognition

Heritage Society

Gifts of $1000 or more and deferred gifts qualify the donor for membership in the Council’s Heritage Society.

James E. West Fellowship

James E. West Fellowship Award, named after the first Chief Scout Executive of the Boys Scouts of America, is available for cumulative gifts of $1,000 or more.

Bronze: $1,000
Copper: $2.500
Silver: $5,000

Gold: $10,000
Diamond: $15,000

Second Century Society

Gifts of $25,000 or more, given outright or payable over five years, or $100,000 or more, deferred, qualify the donor for membership in the Second Century Society.

The Piedmont Council Salutes Our Endowment Supporters!

Employer Matching Gifts

Employer Matching Gifts can make your donation go twice as far.

Check with your company’s Human Resources department to see if they match charitable donations made by their employees.

Mail checks and matching gift forms to:

Piedmont Council, BSA
10 Highland Way
Piedmont, CA 94611
Tax ID 94-1156325

Why We Give

“We are proud to have three generations involved with Piedmont Scouts. We continue to financially support the Council because we have experienced first-hand the long-term benefits of Scouting: it enriches the fabric of the community by providing Piedmont youth with the skills they need to be independent thinking, self-confident, resilient and civic-minded leaders in our community.”


– Dorothy and Bill Ashton


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