Piedmont Youth Bagpipe Band

Bagpiping in Piedmont has its roots in the 1930s when Brick Johnson a Piedmont High School coach formed a pipe band to play at football games. Later, a Highland dance group, the Highland Lassies, was formed to accompany the pipe band. Both flourished until the 1970s.

In 1999, a group of former pipers, remembering the fun they had, came together to reconstitute a band.

In the summer of 2000, members of the new band, the Piedmont Youth Bagpipe Band (PYBB), traveled to Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland, to sightsee, to play in the 10,000 piper/drummer Millennium Parade benefitting Marie Curie Cancer nurses and to take lessons at the College of Piping.

Piping members of the band first learn the fundamentals of piping on a chanter - an instrument similar to a recorder. After a student becomes accomplished, she/he can then move to the bagpipes.

Currently lessons are also provided for snare drumming. Tenor drums and bass drums complete pipe bands.

Students have lessons once a week, twelve months a year on instruments that the band provides. The lessons are held at the Piedmont Middle School music building.

The band also provides kilts and kits (belt, sporran, glengarry and sock flashes) to members while they are active participants of the PYBB.

Our current piping instructor has been teaching piping for over 30 years and is well known through out the piping community.

The PYBB plays at high school football games, Piedmont Middle School graduation ceremonies and the annual Piedmont July 4th parade. The band is also hired by outside groups to perform at events.

For more information, and to sign up, contact:

The Piedmont Council office.