Piedmont High Adventure Crew

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In the past few months Piedmont’s High Adventure Crew has been very active and is hoping to continue planning events for the future. 5 members of HAC went on a backpacking trip in Ohlone Wilderness and all came back very positive about their trip. Check out the photos below to see some of the pretty views the crew was able to experience! High Adventure Crew is also hoping to plan a one night camping trip in May and hoping to plan a large scale backpacking trip for the summer. High Adventure Crew is always open to new ideas and hopes of all of our members. If you joined and had an idea for an event, the crew would work with you to plan it all out and make it happen. High Adventure Crew is working to expand the events we hold in the outdoors and would love input from new members! If you are interested in joining our crew, please contact Crew Advisor, Ken Li, Feel free to come to any meeting and learn what is so great about High Adventure Crew!

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