Piedmont Venturing Showcase

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Teenagers and/or their parents are invited to a presentation (November 17th, 3pm to 5pm) showcasing an array of fun and exciting youth-run clubs. All clubs are part of  Piedmont Scout Council’s Venturing Program, which focuses on challenging members and building leadership skills. At the showcase, you’ll get an overview of the Venturing Program and its benefits, and hear from club representatives about their club’s area of focus.

When: Sunday, November 17, from 3-5

Where: 117 Dudley Ave, Piedmont CA 94611

RSVP: contact VOA Advisor Ken Li, [email protected]

What is Venturing? Venturing Crews span just about any interest, but what they have in common is that they are youth-led and a great way to build leadership skills through an activity you enjoy.  Our groups are all operated under the guidance of Piedmont Council, BSA, and promote youth development, leadership skills, personal growth, while having fun.

In Piedmont we offer six different Venturing Crews! Including:

  • Piedmont Community Service Crew
  • High Adventure Crew
  • Piedmont Camp Crew (Plan and be a counselor at various day camps)
  • Food and Cooking Crew
  • Piedmont Service Squad (Community Service for middle schoolers)
  • Venturing Officers Association

Also at the showcase will be info about Sea Scouts and Police Explorers.

Most groups are aimed at high school students, but we even have a group for middle schoolers. Have an idea for a crew that doesn’t exist yet? We can help make it happen!

We hope to see you at the showcase!

Offerings include:

  • Piedmont Community Service Crew provides leadership skills to empower teens through helping their community. With 150 members and multiple opportunities each week, the crew delivers thousands of hours of service each year, in addition to sponsoring and planning major projects.
  • Piedmont Service Squad (for younger kids aged 11-13) community service activities alongside the older members of Piedmont Community Service Crew
  • Piedmont Food and Cooking Crew teens who love food and the creative outlet in creating great meals will not only cook together, but meet people in the food business and help others through their culinary skills.
  • High Adventure Crew 88 members share a taste for outdoor adventure, while overcoming personal challenges and making friends with fellow members. They plan event that range from just hours nearby to trips that last several days and require travel:  hiking, camping, backpacking, in the dessert, high Sierras, on the coast, at lakes.
  • Sea Scouts Ship 16 (a sailing club) has its own sailboat and the sea scouts work on their maritime skills.
  • Police Explorer Post 911 teens are guided by Advisors from Piedmont Police Department and learn about law enforcement as well as personal discipline through tactical skills and competition against teens in other Posts from around the country.
  • Camp Crew 042 is an up and coming Venturing crew that will plan and run the day camps for younger Cub Scouts and aims to provide a fun, active and fulfilling camps for kids while teaching teens responsibility and planning skills
  • Piedmont Venturing Officers Association (VOA) invites representatives from the different crews to organize inter-crew events for fun, learning, service, and connecting with others.  They share their leadership experience to strengthen each of their clubs. Hear about summer events that are being planned.Venturing Crews are organized with an adult Crew Advisor who mentors the youth leaders, helps them to set a vision for their crew and to strive to reach that vision.  Crews and their teen members benefit from a program structure which provides a framework to build on. Venturing offers a formal leadership development path with personal development goals and an awards system that culminates in the Venturing Summit Award, comparable to the well recognized Eagle Award.

There’s a sense of broader community created via the Venturing Officers Association, a consortium of crew leaders that support each other, organize cross-unit events, and connect to other VOAs in the broader area and even outside of California.  The Piedmont VOA is led by VOA Presidents Jaden Ferraro and Sofia Stahl.


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