Announcing new Limited Edition Patch: 2020 Flatten the Curve

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We are excited to announce a new limited edition patch that must be earned during this shelter-in-place period! This patch can be earned by walking, running, or biking at least 20 total miles during this period. Miles should be tracked by the youth in a personal journal. Once complete, a parent or other adult confirms completion of the 20 miles and lets Morgan know ([email protected]). Note documentation is not required, simply parental confirmation. Have Fun and Stay Safe!

Other physical activities may be substituted for the above activities at the discretion of the parent or leader, as long as the activity is at a similar difficulty level for the youth. Other activities that could be considered include: indoor cycling, treadmill running, walking the dog around the backyard a thousand times, etc.

The intent of this patch is to promote exercise and well-being while helping to flatten the curve. As such, county and state guidelines should be followed at all times, including maintaining social distancing. Updated county guidelines can be found here: Alameda County Public Health Department. For updates on current open Regional Parks, click here: EBPARKS

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