Programs of Religious Activities With Youth (P.R.A.Y.)

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Faith Emblem Instruction at Home

Are you looking for awards to complete on your as part of your Boy Scouting experience?  In support of youth, Programs of Religious Activities With Youth (P.R.A.Y.), have developed additional resources for families and youth to aid in completion of religious emblems at home and foster their faith formation during this time of social distancing. Religious emblems meet the requirements for Cub Scout Duty to God Adventures, Scouts BSA Scout Spirit requirements, and the Venturing Trust Award.

Boy Scouts of America and Faith

While we may like the convenience of a church or scouting class that provides a set schedule and instruction, the P.R.A.Y. awards are perfect to be done at home with the family. During this challenging time, there may be an unexpected opportunity for parents to share their faith with their children and grow in faith together. Reading and discussing Scripture to complete requirements will create natural space for spontaneous dialogue and ways to connect with your children. Make your family’s faith journey a priority! P.R.A.Y. has a new online library of new resources for virtual learning for parents, counselors, and clergy.  Visit the link below to find what you need.

P.R.A.Y. Virtual Learning Resources

To that end P.R.A.Y. has released a series of videos on the P.R.A.Y. YouTube Channel to assist parents who may wish to serve as counselors and help guide their children to completion of their religious emblem. Each workbook lesson is highlighted, explained in depth with hints and helps for those who might be serving in the counselor role for the first time.

In addition to the video series on YouTube, we are pleased to introduce 30-Day Challenges for every P.R.A.Y. Program level. When completed according to the prescribed schedule, with the help from a parent or counselor at home, youth can complete the requirements and share with their family the work toward achievement of their religious emblem. Visit each program’s challenge below.

Jesus and Me (K-1) – 30 Day Challenge

God and Me (2-3) – 30 Day Challenge

God and Family (4-6) – 30 Day Challenge

God and Church (6-8) – 30 Day Challenge

God and Life 30 (9-12) Day Challenge

For additional help reach out to P.R.A.Y. at 314-845-3318 or [email protected].

Virtual Interfaith Week 2020

Recently, the National Religious Relationships Committee gathered to present Virtual Interfaith Week.  Replacing the normal faith weeks at Philmont, more than 60 virtual sessions provided staff and volunteers opportunities to learn about how Scouting and faith are connected. All the presentations are saved on the Duty to God Facebook page, @dutytogodbsa.  Highlights include a panel discussion on Faith and the BSA, Religious Emblems as Advancement, Forming a Religious Relationships Committee, Interfaith Hikes and Events, Religious Emblem Mapping, and much more.

Virtual Religious Emblem Classes     

In May and June, the Palmetto Council partnered with P.R.A.Y. to test and offer Religious Emblem classes as part of their Virtual Advancement programs.  Nearly 100 Scouts (plus their caring adult) from across the country spent one week with pastors working through the P.R.A.Y. series and completed the requirements for their religious emblem and their Duty to God Adventure.  Coursework was completed and saved using Google Classroom while the sessions were held over Zoom.  Is this something you might consider offering in your Council?  Check with P.R.A.Y. to help with materials and identify/recruit active clergy who might lead sessions in your Council.  Don’t forget to reach out to Taylor Thomas, Field Director who engineered the events and provided great leadership.

Remote Presentations for Training

In March, P.R.A.Y. represented the National Religious Relationships Committee and led a virtual Scouting University session in the Sagamore Council on Religious Emblems as Advancement.  It was a great opportunity to connect and share how similarly the programs of each faith work and to promote them, especially in interfaith units.  Did you know that annually, more universal religious award knots are purchased than the Eagle Scout knot? In addition to helpful hints, positions like Chaplain, Chaplain Aide, and Religious Emblem Coordinator were outlined.  As you plan for your Council-Wide trainings this fall, is there an opportunity for a representative from the Religious Relationships Committee to virtually present in your Council, preparing volunteers to implement the 12th point of the Law? Reach out to Jason Noland at [email protected] if you need help.

Are you starting new Protestant units this fall?

P.R.A.Y. and it’s denominational partners have developed resources to help sell potential chartered partners on connecting their faith to youth through Scouting.  When Scouting is viewed as youth ministry, congregations experience outreach, leadership development, and growth.  Use the specific or general Protestant flyers below to help clergy expand their programs by highlighting a Scout’s “Duty to God.”  More denominations will be added as material is approved.

For more resources and updates, visit P.R.A.Y. at:

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