Why Buy A Real Christmas Tree?  It’s Sustainable

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Shop Here: Why Buy A Real Christmas Tree?  It’s Sustainable

Purchasing a real tree is an environmentally friendly way to celebrate the season. A real tree spends around eight years growing before harvested which converts CO2 into oxygen, providing a habitat for wildlife and keeping large spaces green across North America.  And unlike artificial alternatives, real trees are 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable.

In our bold, new world, online sales are a lifeline for so many; so, the Piedmont Scout Council is taking a giant leap and offering the Scout Tree Lot Online.  For over 50 years, the Scouts have cheerfully procured, sold, trimmed and delivered all your favorite conifers from Silver Tip to Noble and Douglas Firs.

Sales started November 1 and are exclusively online at www.scouttreelot.org.  A limited option to purchase by phone will be available for customers who do not have online access.  Trees and wreaths will be available for pickup or delivered after Thanksgiving.  Home deliveries will be at the customer’s front door only due to safety precautions during this time.

Run by community volunteers, the Tree Lot also serves as a major fundraiser to support the local Piedmont Scouts, a youth program with over 1,000 young participants.  In 2019, Scouts Tree Lot sold over 1,700 trees, raising $100,000 to offset expenses for all Scout programs in Piedmont: Cub Scout, Scouts, Explorers, Venturers and Piedmont Language School.

The purpose of all Piedmont BSA Scout programs is to “Prepare for Life” or to prepare Piedmont youth for whatever life brings.  By reorganizing to early online sales and contactless pick-up and delivery, the Scouts allow customers to plan early for the Holidays, relaxing in the spirit of family and home.

Piedmont Scout Tree Lot Online. It’s easy; it’s sustainable; it’s tradition; it’s relaxing; and it’s community.

Please contact the Scout office: 510-547-4493 or at [email protected].

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