Piedmont Community Service Crew 2021 Events


Piedmont Community Service Crew does much more than feeding the food insecure, house homeless teens, clean the environment, provide furnishings for formerly homeless!  We promote youth development by creating an environment to empower our members to decide what they want to do and help them to plan and organize activities so they develop practical life skills, new social connections, pride and confidence in the process. Many of the PCSC service events are a few hours volunteering at a time, but occasionally we mix it up with service trips such as the upcoming work weekend at Enchanted Hills Camp for the Blind, in Napa where we will work all day Nov 6, then relax and collectively cook and enjoy dinner. After an evening of team building and making new friends, we will sleep in cabins at the camp, then on Sunday we’ll work for a few hours before returning home to catch up on school work, but refreshed by a day (and a half) of service outdoors.

We’ve started to plan our next summer’s service trip, typically 10-14 days with a blend of service, culture, great meals and sightseeing, overlaid with team work and bonding with new friends.

Join PCSC and learn about the many other special projects that we do.

Photos from the last work weekend at EHC:  PCSC members did lots of work at the camp, but the memories came from the unexpected offer to swim in their pool, and making dinner together except for the power outage that prevented us from actually cooking dinner.

For details contact Ken Li

Visit: https://www.pcservicecrew.org/

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