First Virtual Campout Brings Families Together

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Families joined in the fun of the first ever Piedmont Virtual Campout this past weekend! Youth learned how to make a face covering from their neckerchiefs, planted seeds, set up tents in their backyards, and had a Virtual Campfire with skits and a song! Families enjoyed “seeing” each other in Zoom and enjoying the campfire. Some families lit real campfires in their backyards, others lit candles, and some created amazing crafting creations to simulate a campfire!

Some families set up tents, while others did lean-to tarps, sleeping bags in the living room, or slept in hammocks. Everyone came to enjoy a bit of Scouting from the safety of their homes and reconnect with friends.

For those that were unable to join us, check out some of the activities we did here: Virtual Campout. BSA National is also putting on a Camp-in on 5/2. More info HERE.

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos and joined us for the event! Until group events can continue, we hope that events like this help you stay sane and safe. Until Next Time!

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