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2021 Pinewood Derby Design Contest

January 30, 2021

Join us for the 2021 Pinewood Derby Design Contest!

Enter the Design Contest! The Race Day has pivoted to adjust to the unavailability of an indoor space, instead of racing Pinewood Derby Cars on 1/30, we will move forward with the Design Contest and encourage everyone to build an awesome car in anticipation of a race when indoor space becomes available! Awards for the top cars will be presented in these categories: Streamline Design, Most Unique, Best Use of Materials, Most Creative, Best Craftsmanship. Certificates and Prizes will be presented for top cars in each category!

Prep and Steps:

  • Get your car and weights from the Piedmont Scout Office. Order optional accessories from the office or at www.scoutshop.org.
  • Watch live recorded workshops:
  • Parents cut the wooden block to the Cub Scout’s design. The Council will be able to provide the kits in the original wooden block form if you have woodworking tools at home. The Council can cut to a simple wedge shape to provide better aerodynamics if you do not have access to tools.
  • Paint and add accessories to the car.
  • Send Photos and Videos to us to be included in the final video.
  • Drop off the car at the Office (10 Highland Way) by Thursday 1/28/21 at 4 PM to be entered into the design contest. Please provide name of youth, Pack/Den # on the bottom of the derby car.
  • See the Contest Results at Design Contest Entrants and Winners

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